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Making My Wedding Shine

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Happy Friday!

I always get asked "why candles" so this week I wanted to discuss with you how candles became our business, our life, our passion.

Early last year we were in full throttle planning mode for our wedding, from making sure the colour of the cascading sugar flowers on the cake exactly matched the silk sash chair covers to menu tasting and working out what scent throw would work with the meals.  I knew from the beginning that I wanted a candle lit reception that enhanced the vintage feel of the venue, I also knew that I wanted scented candles to delicately fill the room with a gentle aroma to compliment the flowers.

When I started enquiring about purchasing candles I found that like everything else involved around a wedding they had a massive mark up on price and we simply couldn't justify the spend.  Like most wedding budgets some sacrifices had to be made.  A couple of months passed by and I still couldn't shake off that I wanted to have candles making my wedding shine.  What about making them myself? surely it couldn't be that hard and it must be cheaper than buying them.  If only I knew what this thought would lead to.

Initially it was just an idea to make a few candles for our wedding and that's it, but that lead to wanting candles as the centre pieces to compliment the flowers,  tea lights to sit in glass spheres that would hang from our wishing tree and then to most genius idea we thought we'd ever had, having tea lights as our bonbonniere and place setting.  You couldn't get more vintage than that!

Needless to say it was a lot of work and in no way easy, quick or cheap.  Was it fun, exciting and rewarding?


What it lead to was both of us wanting to create a brand and build on the business concept of making candles.  From there we decided that our wedding would almost act as a soft launch for Spilt Sugar and we wanted to make sure every detail was perfect.  On the day our guests were blown away by how the room looked and smelt, we created an atmosphere that was warm and welcoming as well meeting our own brief of being vintage chic. Everybody loved the bonbonniere and thought that it was an inspired idea, we also scent matched our guests to their gift to add that extra personal touch.