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Sweet Idea

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Happy Friday,

Welcome to my first blog, this is a space where I'm going to share my passion and inspiration for all things Vintage & Industrial Chic, starting with what I do best...CANDLES  

Like millions of women everywhere and I could get in trouble here, but secrets out gents I know you love them too because I sell them to you! I'm passionate about candles!  Particularly scented soy wax candles.  Like 20/20 vision I have a 20/20 sense of smell and am drawn to sniffing out all things pretty and chic.

Early last year I decided that I wanted to start a hobby but didn't think I had a creative bone in my body, then during one of our regular brainstorming sessions walking from Coogee to Bondi it hit us like a warm ray of sunshine... what about making candles?

After hours of excitedly brainstorming ideas we (when I say we I mean me and my hubby) nailed it down to making candles, but not just any candles we wanted to be different. We came up with pouring them in high quality glass jars which would not only look great we would make them at a higher strength so they give off their aroma even when they aren't lit.

On the same day after getting super excited and dreaming of how we could retire early, buy a house on the beach and escape the rat race as so often happens after a couple of ciders we came up with the brand name SPILT SUGAR, I can't take the credit though, it was Joel who came up with the name and we both loved it instantly!

After many, many nights and weekends of researching, trailing and learning as much as we could about starting a small business and making scented soy wax candles then on November 1st 2013 SPILT SUGAR was launched.

Located in Alexandria we have been naturally inspired by our local surroundings. We embrace a Rustic Vintage feel with a twist of Industrial Chic. I hand pour our candles in my kitchen which has its challenges, but I overcome these in various ways which I might save for another blog.

Part of our philosophy is supporting fellow local businesses for all of our supplies including the soy wax, glass jars, packaging, labelling, marketing material and essences.  By implementing this idea from the outset we have in turn received the same courtesy and support from local businesses who appreciate what we are trying to do.  From sharing advice and experiences to offering us the best pricing they can its been a great experience.

We have some exciting opportunities on the horizon to grow the business and we are excited about the year ahead and sharing these with you.